Sweat Session a Success.

Ohemgee. <- I hate that, but had to say it. :)

How are you doing today? I hope it was kick-ass! If not, you have the rest of your life to make it the best!

Today was so much fun! I seriously experienced an ENDORPHIN HIGH today. It was crazy. I got done with my 30DS video and I went upstairs to complete my C25K, for, literally, the first 12 minutes of the run I could not stop laughing and smiling. I had such a hard time breathing, but it felt so great!! Ahhh! Best thing ever!

I ate pretty well today considering the events of my day. I had a nice omelet sandwich this morning with veggies and what not. Then, I completed my workout and burned off my breakfast. My dad called after I got out of the shower and told me he was out of work for the next few weeks and wanted to know if I wanted to go eat lunch and shop. Uhhh, yes please! I was starving. We went to Red Lobster.

The food was okay and really salty. Ehh. No dinner for me! It was technically dunch/linner/lupper/sunch/dupper/sinner. ;)

Ah, enjoy the rest of the day. If you messed up today, there is room for correction tomorrow. 

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